a no title story

” Your  hair looks beautiful.” He said.

It’s been a long time, years, that they haven’t met.

After they got divorced they didn’t look for each other anymore. They continued their lives like it never happened.

She was a nice quite woman, not very beautiful, but her eyes were sparkling .

Ιt wasnt’t like this always. That started when she was 8. Her uncle told her that  the world is a sphere that carries on its top the continents and the countries and the towns and the villages and the colorful people and the seas
and the rivers… My God, the rivers!
That was why she chose to live here. Because of the water.
But anyway, as I said, she was only 8. She suddenly, then, got the habit to study the maps every night before she goes to sleep and after her ovomaltine.
She could dream, then, strange lands, train trips and musics from heaven.
It was then when her eyes started to have this sparkling.
He met her at the kiosk. It was so cold! One of the coldest days the last 27 years they said.
He was waiting to make a phone call. She also.
He noticed that she was beautifully pale. Perhaps because of the cold. Who knows.
Her hair were caught in a pony tale and she was wearing her training suit.
“Sir. Can I call first. It will only take a minute. I am not feeling well” she said.
And he realised that her eyes captured his eyes, her voice immediately made him lost his voice.
He beckoned with his head that he agrees and this is how he entered in her turbulent life.
Like a small bird that sits quitely on the branch.
Together they managed a good life. They were laughing like children, they were going to this small cinema in their neighborhood eating
seeds from sunflowers, they were passionate lovers and best friends.

One day he woke up without her.
It was her turn to remember all these maps that by now she knew by heart.
He never saw her again.

She found out that he was there, in this awfull building from a comon friend.
She immediately quit everything and run there. It took 4 days. Four torturing days.
She found him laying with his green eyes looking at the ceiling.
“I am here” she said.
He searched for her hand. He felt its warmth. He then looked at her…
It was more that 20 years he did’nt see her.
“Your hair looks beautiful” he said….
A small bird in the garden flew quitly leaving the branch behind swinging for a couple of minutes.