“Dancing my dance”

The Bulerinas are a group of girls who are being united  by their passion for flamenco. And not only…

Eva, Christina, Viki and Seda.

They are all multi-talented, active and hard workers.

This year, for the first time in Greece, they give  a flamenco dance lesson, mainly for people with disabilities and the blind, under the roof of the Greek National Opera.

The girls, therefore, gave me great joy when they offered me to take part in their lesson along with my friend and flamenco guitarist Panos Kartimpelis.

I had seen a dance show of flamenco last year with people who have autism in Dusseldorf by Jose Galan and I admired him for the hard work and the love he put in his project. (See video here

So when the Bulerinas offered me to participate, I received with enthusiasm, because I had a picture in my mind, it was something that I was interested in doing anyway and now, they gave me this opportunity!

So, from January, one Thursday each month, I join their classes together with our guitarist, Panos.

The first contact was extremely moving for me and revealing at the same time.

Because I might felt kind of  sorry for them, but at the same time these people by themselves, gave me a great slap, which made me understand that there is nothing to feel sorry about, they are happy, enthusiastic about life and interesting. Eventhough they live in a country that makes everything difficult for them.

In two lessons they learned how to sing a Sevillianas perfectly and dance 2 letras  por tangos !

And here is something that I never thought before: How do you explain to someone who has never seen the slightest, what is the tree, how it looks … I tried to talk about the Flamenco tree but I was stuck because I was not prepared to explain the pictures … That’s why I was shocked. I’ve been thinking about it for two days.

I did not find answer, of course, but I try to work emotionally to understand and be understanded.

I am grateful that I was given this opportunity!

The class takes place every Thursday 17.30-19.30 in the new building of the National Opera .

More information here:


With a big smile I quote the video from our last lesson:

I look forward to seeing you again !!!



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