Yota “Baron” was born in Serres (northern Greece). Her influences since her childhood include traditional Greek music, as almost half of her family were street musicians. She was raised in an institution for children, where she learned to sing Byzantine Music (songs and hymns forming part of the Christian liturgical rite). She studied Finance (Technological Educational Institute of Athens), Social Anthropology (Panteion University of Athens) and has a Master on Integrated Human Rights from Foundation Academy, part of VU University, Amsterdam.

She currently lives between Athens and Amsterdam, running a flamenco production company named “Yota Baron Flamenco Productions” which is based in Amsterdam, organizing festivals, performances and flamenco concerts. She is an active flamenco singer and singing teacher, giving workshops and regular classes in Germany, the Netherlands and Greece. She is always in a constant search of ways to combine her Greek music influences with flamenco forms. She is the mother of Charalambos, who has been the source of her inspiration.