Yota “Baron” was born in Serres (north Greece). Her influences since her childhood were including traditional greek music as almost the half of her family were street musicians. She was raised in an institution of children , were she learned Byzantine Music (songs and hymns composed to the ecclesiastical forms). She studied Economins and Accounting at TEI of Athens.

She began flamenco dancing in 2000. She attended courses with famous  maestros of flamenco dancing like Israel Galvan, Javier Baron, Rosario Toledo, Mercedes Ruiz, Blanca del Rey, Joaquin Grilo, Leonor Leal in both Greece and Spain. She started studying flamenco singing from 2005 with the intention to comprehend further and in-depth the communication between song-music and dance. In the same year, she sang for the first time alongside Maria Mortilla Gomez at the show of the “Estrella” dance studio.
After that, she began attending intensive classes in Spain and Greece with maestros like Rafael de Utrera, David Lagos, Jesus Corbacho, Jeromo Segura, Mercedes Cortes, Rosa de Algeciras etc